We believe that God is a missionary God and He gave His all for mankind.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (ESV).

We His church now have the task of sending the message across the world. We have missionary endeavours in Ghana, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, India and Canada.

Read Mission to Aisa Report

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Just click on the image above to read about the organising function of churches and pastoral and mission orientated leadership.

Mission the 'organising function' of churches

  1. Vision – the dominant and priority vision of a missional church is to see the Kingdom of God expanded by gospel proclamation and social action. Mission is not limited by geography or method. How healthy a church is, how much it has achieved in the past year, its aim for the coming year and its 5/10 year goal will all be determined by mission.

  2. Decisions – all decisions at every level will be made of the basis of mission opportunities and prospects. "If it does not involve mission, we will not do it."

  3. Equipping/Empowering – the church will make it a priority to train, equip and mentor its members in mission. This will involve helping Christians identify where they can naturally do mission and giving them confidence to make the most of these opportunities. Secondly, it will also involve identifying new circumstances where they can be involved in mission together and thirdly, decide which mission projects will be supported by the church.

  4. Preaching/Teaching/Learning – the Bible will be taught through a mission hermeneutic. This means that it will be assumed that mission is the over-riding message, focus, fabric and structure of the whole Bible – Genesis to Revelation; that all the issues that the Bible covers have to be understood in terms of their affect on and contribution to mission. The Bible will be taught not just as valuable spiritual wisdom but to equip Christians to respond to the questions and issues that they face as they do mission.

  5. Worship – worship will be inspired by missional concepts. a) Firstly, the glory of God which is enhanced when people come to acknowledge him as Lord through mission. b) Secondly, the prospect of worship in heaven when people from every tribe, language, people and nation will gather round the throne. (Rev 7) c) Thirdly, worship will be enhanced and invigorated by the testimony of those come to faith and being blessed by God through mission as it is in heaven. (Luke 15:7)

  6. Community – Fellowship will be vital because of the challenges, pressures and attacks that Christians are facing as they reach out in mission. People are drawn together when they unitedly attempt a task or face a challenge.

Child Sponsorship

We're excited about our new Outreach initiative coming soon.

Everyone in life has the chance of a new beginning through Jesus Christ. We believe in taking this good news message to our neighbours. Becoming a Christian is the chance for a new beginning with Jesus Christ. Join us in Outreach. Simply invite a Friend to our special friends’ service every last Sunday of the month.

We’ll be launching The Alpha Course Soon as another avenue of reaching out to our community

We are intentional about our growing in our Christian walk and living victorious Christian lives

The Wisdom and principles to succeed in life and to prosper are all in God’s word.

In Life groups we challenge one another to live the highlife of faith, favour and abundance.

We practicalize the word of God making it relevant to our daily needs which is the vision of the church.

For more information please contact the church office.

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